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I drove around for hours, I drove around for days

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14th September 2008

9:37am: HEY

I've made a new one names bonefishes and I'm deleting this one so if you still want to make sure I read your posts or whatever you can add me.
3:08am: shit i don't know
i think i'm eating too much. Food is so good though! I can't wait until I finish the delicious awesome carrot bread danielle gave me so i can make delicious awesome cornbread. I want to do so many things again it's hard to keep my head on straight. I still have time to turn this around, not go in the same direction i always do.
I mean I have a shelf covered in acrylics and inks and stamps and brushes and watercolors and small canvases and henna and polaroids and an instant sunlight photo and origami kits and spray paint and fabric paint and folders for making stencils and blank paper and some japanese ink painting kit with a how to book and all sorts of pencils and charcoal, so i might as well use it all up and experiment. I am wasting space with the bass guitar i am not using and the books i am not reading. I don't want to waste these chances.

I haven't had my car in so long I had no idea gas prices shot up so high until I called a lady in carolina for a phone poll and she was all 'We ain't got no gas! Cars are lined up out onto the highway!'

I like that, that i didn't know, but i miss the highway. I miss the ocean.

13th September 2008

9:46pm: OH MAN OH MAN
Maple syrup yogurt and ginger granola.
I creamed my pants a little. Lady cream.
Mm, cream on top.

10th September 2008

11:20am: Ahh!
Things are good.

I have a job that's 25 hours a week which is perfect and school is okay I like my short days where I only go to french and I have a mohawk! I just look sort of goofy but I like having no hair to hide behind and I got the raddest pokemon shirt at big lots and I have a lot to do but it's cool because I am riding my bike everywhere and getting so strong. The city smelled like really good chinese food today which was weird, at night it smells like pancakes and smog? I don't know. And Silver Jews next tuesday! I am so pumped. Even cooler is that Japanther is going to be playing nearby next month! And both of these shows are on the only two days in the week I don't work how rad is that. And I love Adam he is cuter when we live together and there's still a little banana bread left and I am just pretty happy I guess.

I guess the only downside
is that I ran out of food this week and I have only been eating beans,
and farts are imminent.
(Stinky fiber-rich poops have already arrived)

17th August 2008

10:43pm: Ahhh

Why do I have so much shiiit

AHrblghf video games and notebooks and kitchen supplies and that fucking suitcase i have full of papers. I am leaving some of my books here. I should leave everything here. I bet I'll get up there and then give away everything I packed and choose to live like a monk.

14th August 2008

11:10am: MAAAN
It's seems so far away but it's ten days. Less, really. Last things to do:

-Make furniture list
-Sell drums and table
-Get Adam checks and a new bank account
-Get anthony's dolly
-Build bustudan
-Go kayaking with my dad
-Chant and go to the beach every day
-Forward utilities receipt to Chapel Terrace
-Go help Adam's dad pack
-CLear off laptop, move all my computer things onto laptop
-Shit my pants.

It seems so surreal, we'll be out on our own trying to make ends meet and I'll be back in real school, I wonder how far behind I'll be. I'm terrified but I want to be moved in already but I don't want it to come at all. I don't know what to do but I guess I should just get ready.

9th August 2008

10:29pm: peeners

31st July 2008

10:57am: And it was
a week ago I was on the road. I want that highway until tomorrow back.

I am ending july feeling so terrible. faaaaail. I have fail body system.

I want to rebuild this place in polaroids, I don't want to forget this town. I want this whole state to be covered in my footprints.

5th July 2008

2:29am: shit shit shit
We are leaving so soon.

Gonna go to canada, see animal collective and no age, i want to goooo.

this will be amazing!

28th June 2008

6:34pm: durdurdur

23rd June 2008

8:22am: My icon is what I really look like right now

Get sunglasses
Get new regular glasses
GET chapel terrace apartment
WE ARE SO DUMB notarize and email form thinger
Set orientation date
And mail my SAT scores
Get car looked at/tires rotated/etc.
Clean car
Take out back seat
Buy roadtrip supplies/pack up car
Get the insurance card from charlie (since I apparently have the wrong thing)
Toss that anti-baby ring into my vagina
Cut bangs
Finish making all those shirt stencil ideas
Stock up for move to Tallatalla (dry rice and beans, kitchen supplies, blankets sheets and towels, a brita filter? shit i have no clue LAMPS we need lamps)
Famiry time
Organise all my computer shit onto the laptop, clean everyone else's shit off, it is mine!
Have rad party

And I don't know. Make it feel like when I move away I am leaving no loose ends? I guess that's what everyone wants when they leave a home but how many achieve it?
Oh also I should probably look into getting a gohonzon and cheap bustudon before I move I guess.

11th June 2008

11:30pm: OH MY GOOOOOD


9th June 2008

12:29am: In a new house. Missing our old crab shell; too many hermits fighting over one space. And there's so much clutter it's driving me crazy.

Citrus makes me feel clean; tomorrow adam is getting his license, helping me wash my dreads.

I don't miss the internet, I almost wish it would go away again, because i just waste time and become an insomniac and get nothing done.

6th May 2008

2:18pm: Tortillas
Mexicans knew what they were doing.

Things to eat:
Home made flour tortillas
Whatever fruit I can get my hands on.

And it's summer so corn and tomatoes and cucumber and zuchinni and nom nom nom nom

I love the Florida heat! And all its oppressive power.

18th March 2008

4:06pm: woooooooooo internet
driving around and eating out of the back of my car and things to stomp about and planning an excavation of a personal sort; we're going to get ourselves out of here.

25th February 2008

9:56pm: they are going out to bars and they are getting into cars
arrr i'm obsessed with this song.

I like Adam. I like my job; it my not be the most stimulating of things, but i am learning new things. I'm taking my license test tuesday, and then I'm going to call Panda Bear about visiting for a couple days, driving down to Boca, seeing my grandma on weekends, maybe even picking up Adam from school.

I know I need to eat better, save more, play bass more, learn stick, take better care of my plants and my pet, but the weather is slowly warming and I am feeling content. But maybe that is a bad thing.

Tomorrow is a free day, maybe the last for a while again, and I plan for the beach, the salt air, sweet things on my tongue, a good start again, and I can do anything I set out to do.

My fists will pump wildly for the sun! I am a dirty, itchy, salty creature!

21st February 2008

11:00pm: Now that everyone is here
can I please have your attention

There is nothing left to fear
now that Bigfoot is captured.

3rd February 2008

I still have the same bad habits I've always had.

But I still think I'm working very hard.

I want this road trip in a vw bus. No other way is acceptable!

29th November 2007

1:43pm: I still feel off!
I'm not doing something right. Aaaaand I'm pretty sure the new owners at work don't like me and can't wait for me to leave. And I snapped a bass string, or chord, or whatever because i always say the wrong thing, already.
I woke up this morning feeling middle-school depressed. I hate this feeling.

I'm chanting, putting in a pizza, and watching planet earth while i draw. I've been outside all day and it's just giving me a headache. Which is weird. For me.

It's that fucking turn-18-and-fun-dies shit, I swear.
Or red tide.
Or maybe red tide exist to steal fun from people who just turned 18, and it shows up to collect it every year or so. Fun, I mean.

Either way, I'm not going to the beach because of dead man of wars and plagues, and it sucks.

In middle school I was really depressed, but it was okay because I planned to rule the world.

22nd November 2007

12:12am: I don't know
I've been having fun but I just feel kind of

Like bad, but not like anything's wrong.
I bet it's because I haven't been to the beach in fucking forever.

19th November 2007

12:25pm: I'm still really upset
about my rosemary plant.

13th November 2007

12:02am: One day, you'll be just like us
Tomorrow I am WAKING UP and taking my permit test. No way around it.
I LIED about going to school tonight. I think it was good because anthony drove and we talked and it's good. but also right now I NEED A DIPLOMA. stat. I still LIE ABOUT IT A LOT. I need to cut that out. The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one! I MISS TOO MUCH SCHOOL FUCKERS.

I LOVE the band METRIC. Tons.

I need a BASS, a SUBMARINE CAR, and a HOME FOR MY RABBIT. But I love my rabbit. I love sitting outside with him. But I need to get ready to leave and that means cutting back on a lot.

I'm afraid the LITTLE THINGS I spend money on are going to use up money better spent on the road trip. Like three dollars on pizza. A dollar at work for a half-off lemon bar. Shit like that adds up. I hear about Donny's rich ass pimp grandma, who made her kids walk to school three miles so she could save the nickel buss fare every day. I need to be like that.

I also need to PUMP AIR INTO MY MOM'S BIKE TIRES. I should RIDE BIKE to work. I'll get there quicker, and I need to get better at riding. Seriously, I am a WIMP at pedaling long distances.

I AM SO FUCKING STOKED about clubbing on my birthday. You guys have no idea. I am going to DANCE with strangers. To MUSIC. And people hopefully won't think I'm a FAGGOT for it.

Sometime in december we are trying to work out a DRUM CIRCLE at the coffee shop. Everyone should join. I have been told I will be allowed to play TAMBOURINE. I FUCKING LOVE TAMBOURINES.

Adam is going to be gone all of thanksgiving break. I will be SUPER DEPRESSED so I will need people to distract me. Also it's my birthday weekend so you faggots should plan sleepovers with me involved. We don't do that enough anymore. I will have a BASS and I'll want to go on ADVENTURES and we can be the COOL KIDS we know we are. Also downtown melbourne amish store photojerk trips PLZ.


So those are some things.

5th November 2007

11:56pm: I don't believe in God, but he's sent me on a mission.
Meeting somebody like him in that way just makes me so happy, and so does the worn paperback he remembered to lend me. Saturday was amazing guys.

Guys don't tell Adam
that even when he's been really annoyed all day and I act like I'm annoyed too
I really just love walking around everywhere and yelling and running
And bitching about shit while we sit on the grass in front of BK with my puppy and french fries.
And ships out on the dark horizon that look like fireballs because I don't wear glasses when I should.

I want to paaaaaaaaaaaaint. I want to paaaaaiiiiiiinnntttt. But I love spending all my free time at the beach. I love the sand-is-built-into-your-skin-and-hair feeling. And moldy green dreads, and pictures of my friends, and laughing too hard at birds that land on Sam's car at stoplights.

That's it, I'm busting out my kid's watercolor kit.

ALSO BIG DEAL HERE Braces off tomorrow guys!!!!!

1st November 2007

10:02pm: So

That was Halloween.

I think if I could pace myself and only said things if I meant them I'd be doing really good.

30th October 2007

3:38pm: Okay so last year in the month of october I made two lj entries and this year in the month of october i made two lj entries, and the month ends in a day and I don't want to leave it like that it's weird.

So uh

WHERE ARE WE GOING TOMORROW NIGHT. Any spooky graveyard plans? Anything guys?
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